Computer Class Questions

Question #1:
How do I sign up for computer courses?

Answer #1:
Registration can be done online or over the phone. If you have any questions about online registration follow the instructions provided here or call Computer Services at (630) 924-2767 and we will be happy to assist you in registration.

Question #2:
Is there any specific order that the classes should be taken in?

Answer #2:
Yes and no. All of the classes can be taken individually and are intended as introductory classes on the material presented with lots of time for questions. However there is a general order which is recommended, particularly for beginners. Some of the classes have a clear order to follow (e.g. "Word 1" should be taken before "Word 2"), but others are more vague and are separated into groups as follows:

Group 1 (the most basic):

  • The 'Getting Started' classes
  • The 'Beginners Internet Course' classes
  • Using iPads

Group 2 (slightly more difficult):

  • Word 1
  • CD Burning
  • How to Buy a Computer
  • Protecting Your PC

Group 3 (intermediate):

  • All remaining classes

If you have any questions about whether a class is right for you please call Sean at (630) 924-2766