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Science Kits

Spark or encourage an interest in science with Science Kits! Science Kits are plastic boxes containing science materials and objects that can be checked out by anyone. Some of our kits include microscopes, seismographs, magnets, makey-makey kits, and more! Each item is high quality and supported by materials in our non-fiction section as well as dvds, with more supplementary activities and suggestions coming soon to each kit!

Architecture Kit - Roominate

Budding architects can create the house of their dreams with pieces that snap together in hundreds of different combinations. Books and a DVD about architecture included in the kit will add to the inspiration.

Building Brick Challenge

Use interlocking bricks to follow the challenge cards included in the kit. Build bridges, chain reactions and more!

Create A Chain Reaction

Build a chain reaction with these cool items.


Learn basic coding by navigating this little robot over a fun play mat. Four exciting adventures are included!

Detective Kit

Use these tools to investigate mysteries in your neighborhood and hone your detective skills. Several workbooks and information books are also included.

Earthquake Simulator

Build a tower by using the blocks, then turn on the shaking table to test the strength of your construction!

Electronic Lab

Three HUNDRED projects and activities are possible with this all-in-one lab that teaches students how capacitors and resistors work, how to read electrical diagrams, and intermediate electronics.

Energy Crisis STEM Kit

Use this kit to build a solar house and learn more about what we can do to use alternate forms of energy.

Frog Model

Snap together model with a transparent window illustrates the inner workings of a frog with less mess than dissection.

Human Body Game

Removable organs in a plastic torso are accompanied by flash cards and a game designed to familiarize students with the locations and functions of the human body’s internal organs and systems.

Human Ear

A large model of the human ear with the three smallest bones removable for study.

Human Eye

An accurate model with over 30 pieces that snap together and illustrate the various parts of the human eye.

Human Head

A foam head in profile that comes apart to illustrate the parts of the brain, neck, and ear.

Human Heart

A model of the human heart that snaps together, with over 20 pieces that show the ventricles, auricles, tendons, veins, and arteries.


Use water to power cranes that are built using the kits components.


Nearly a dozen varieties of insects encased in acrylic for close-up study. Kit includes a bug vacuum so you can capture and observe tiny creatures in your environment.

Insects Junior

Learning about bugs for the younger set, including fun activities.


Snap-together plastic rods and connecters for creating hundreds of unique designs.

LittleBits, Avengers, Droid and Base kits

These two Kits, Avengers and Droid, use connecting pieces to make electronic circuits. Follow the instructions, or make your own creation!

Magnet Kit

Explore magnetism with bar and horseshoe magnets and an assortment of materials and activity ideas. Perfect for beginning science lessons with children under adult supervision.

Makey Makey

Create a game, make musical instruments, learn how computers work and turn electrical energy into motion and sound!

Microscope and extra slides

Our duo-scope microscope comes with three magnifications, several prepared slides, dyes, droppers, blank slides, and a users’ manual.

Motion STEM Challenges

Follow the enclosed challenge cards to test your knowledge of physics with basketball and spinning tops.


This kit requires an iPad and a download of the free app, but contains HOURS of fun with games, challenges, puzzles, and quizzes. Use the special reflecting mirror and the game pieces to play.


Program tiny robots, then make them do tasks or race using their new color-coded tracks! An instruction manual and special colored markers are all you need to get started programming these tiny bots!


Bend light and make rainbows while using our multi-prism set to study refraction of light waves. Additional materials included to expand your explorations!

Rocks and Minerals - 2 Kits

Specimens of all types of rocks, an activity, and two full-color guides. Each set is different—explore both!

Science Specimen Center: Reptiles

Reproduction shells, skulls, teeth, and fossils accompanied by cards describing reptiles and their life cycles.

Simple Machines

Inspire future engineers by exploring effort, force, load, motion, and distance with simple machines.

Snap Circuits

Learn about electric circuits the easy way! No wires to twist or soldering... just simple snap together pieces that include switches, transistors, resistors, buzzers, lights, and fans, with two books filled with over 150 projects.

Solar Robot

14 different projects in one kit! Use the solar panels, motor, gears, and wheels to create various different solar-powered vehicles.

Space Lander Activity Lab

Parachutes, stop watches, measuring tape, and weights allow the young physicist to experiment with payloads and falling objects.


This award-winning telescope has a tripod, several lenses and filters, and includes two books for studying the sky both day and night.

Tiny Tim Skeleton

Tiny Tim is a 16.5” skeleton model that is suspended so the limbs move freely. His jaw is hinged, and the top of his cranium is removable. He comes with study cards about the human skeleton.

Tornado Maker

Simulate tornadoes and watch the vortex by filling the container with water and switching the motor on—use the foam farm animals and tractor to see how debris moves, too.

Windmill Designer Lab

Create windmills of varying types and harness the wind to convert energy.

Music Kits

Children can now check out musical instruments and foster a love for music and creativity. It’s a great way for children to explore and experience music through many different approaches and get their hands on a variety of fun instruments! The collection includes, but is not limited to: hand bells, chromatic bell set, Boom-whackers, wooden harp, stylophone, rhythm and percussion instruments, as well as ribbon wands and parachute to enhance the fun! Some kits come with songbooks, activity guides or instructions. We are very proud to offer access to these instruments.

6’ Parachute & Ribbon Wands

A parachute offers unlimited group play and exercise opportunities including cardiovascular and upper body conditioning for all ages and ability levels. Heavy-duty nylon and complete with nylon handles. 6 ft. diameter.
Set of 6-36" ribbon wands are great for working on range-of-motion, high-tracking skills and enhancing any music and movement activity. Colors of wands in the set: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Bells: 6 Jingle Taps & 4 Wrist Bells

Six nickel-plated tambourine jingles mounted on a wooden head with handle. Played by tapping against the palm of a hand to give the jingle effect of tambourine. Excellent for all rhythms.
4 wrist bells with large nickel silver bells riveted on plastic webbing. Played by shaking or clapping hands together.

Bongo Drum

- Rhythm Club Bongo Drum
- Includes Bongo Grooves for Beginners DVD


Color-coded, tuned percussion tubes provide an opportunity for any age and ability to experience success making music. Set includes all 8 pitches from C to c on a diatonic scale (white keys on the piano).

Chromatic Bell Set

Product Description:
-2 chromatic octaves from A4 to A6
-25 bars in the colors of a piano keyboard
-2 mallets included
-Collapsible metal lags
-Built into case for durability and portability

Hand bells and Triangles

Hand Bells-C Major, Diatonic scale. Includes 8 Bells, along with 2 triangles and strikers.

Hand Drum & resource guide

8” hand drum, complete with Adventures in Sound, a resource guide on how to play small percussion instruments!

Karaoke Machine

Full Karaoke System with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Microphone. Works with all Karaoke Apps via Smartphone or Tablet

Keyboard Playmat

- Gigantic Electronic Keyboard Play Mat Super Strong Vinyl With 24 Touch Sensitive Keys
- Piano Play Mat Comes With 8 Musical Instruments: Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Banjo, Xylophone, Guitar.
- Piano Mat Comes With 4 Play Modes: Record, Playback, Demo, Play, Adjustable Vol.

Keyboard with book

The 44 key Casio SA-76 offers children the essentials for playing those first tunes. 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs provide variety.
Included in this kit is Easiest Piano Course by John Thompson comprehensive step-by-step course specifically designed to suit the needs of all children beginning the piano. Includes: characters and illustrations * writing exercises * sight reading drills * review work * accompaniments * and more.


With many children experiencing stress at school and home, parents are looking to mediation to help their children. This kit contains the tools to get started. The Mindful Kids cards and Enchanted Mediations CD contain lots of ideas. A singing bowl and tone bars provide soothing sounds.


A 5" wooden Frog Guiro with a ridge up his spine! Hold him by the feet, make a resonating chamber with your hand cupped under him, run the large end of the beater over his spine and listen for the croak!
The Den Den Daiko, a traditional Japanese instrument is played by placing the handle or stem between two hands and rolling it back and forth creating a rhythmic sound as the two plastic beads attached to strings hit the respective heads of the Den Den in a rhythmic manner.
Seed Pod Shaker gives a unique sound to your music and is made from natural seeds. Shake it to hear the rattle.
The Gourd Shekere is made from a hollow gourd and real seashells. Move it slow or fast and make different sounds.
Maracas are common in Latin America for traditional and contemporary music.

Musical Fruit

Musical fruit makes music fun! Grab an apple, lemon, orange, banana, pineapple cucumber, eggplant, pepper or carrot and start shaking. The kit also includes a CD to get you started.

Percussion Instruments with guide book

This kit includes a variety of small hand instruments to create a range of percussion sound, includes claves, sandblocks, tap taps, tone block, cymbal and a how-to instruction book, Fun with Instruments.

Resonator Bells

Play these bells as a set or separate them for a whole group. Two mallets and song book are included.


This kit combines various rhythm instruments, such as a tambourine, maracas, cymbals and more, along with Fun with Instruments instructional book.

Rhythm Sticks-10 pair

These 20 rhythm sticks come in colors of red, blue, yellow and green, and are included in the set, complete with instruction manual.

Snare Drum with stand & book

Durable shell with chrome-plated rims and tuning lugs. Throw-off snare strainer enables the drum to be played with or without the snares. Head diameter 10", height 3 1/4". Complete with sticks and drum stand. Also included is the book Sounds for Success, the study of rhythmic patterns and contributes to an understanding of music, mathematics and to musical performance. This book comes with a practice CD.

Steel Drum

- Try a different kind of drum, a steel drum! Steel drums originated in Trinidad as an alternative to regular drums. Now their unique sound adds variety to music in many other countries.
- Comes with song book and DVD.

Ukulele and quickstart guide

Constructed of Southern Asian strip grain wood, this soprano Ukulele is perfect for any age or skill level. Includes the quickstart guide Play Ukulele Today!

Wooden Harp

Play a favorite tune on this sturdy strummer sized for small hands and big voices.
- Creates lovely music with a pleasant soft sound
- Well suited to little hands with a desire for realistic sound
- All nylon strings for comfort and safety