Dominic Froio Memorial Garden

Dominic Froio Memorial Garden

Constructed as a peaceful space for the community, The Dominic Froio Memorial Garden enables BPL to expand patron programming and includes a butterfly garden that follows IDNR guidelines and outdoor seating with Wi-Fi access. The garden is listed on the Monarch Watch Waystation Registry and is a certified Monarch Garden by the North American Butterfly Association.

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Bloomingdale Public Library was pleased to receive a very generous donation from the estate of the late Mr. Dominic Froio. This donation came without specific instructions or limitations as to how to expend the funds. We engaged a local architectural firm to conduct a visioning session with Library Board and staff and received community input through an online survey to help decide what projects would best serve the community. We have used the information gathered to plan for and create an amazing new space near the front of the library that will expand our outdoor programming capabilities. This matches goals from our Long-Range Plan for growth, which includes fostering intellectual dialogue and promoting lifelong learning opportunities through new and innovative programs.

The ribbon cutting for the garden was September 25, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

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Architectural Sketches of the Dominic Froio Memorial Garden

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