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New Patron Information

Welcome to Bloomingdale Public Library

Whether you're a new resident of the Village of Bloomingdale, or a longtime resident, we extend a warm welcome to the Bloomingdale Public Library. We hope that you'll take advantage of the many resources available to you.

Your Library Card

Your library card is your key to library services. This multi-use card grants you borrowing privileges for our collection of print, audiovisual, and digital materials and gives you access to our computer labs. It also allows you to enroll in classes and programs sponsored by the library, and serves as a debit card for the copiers and printers in the library. Your card also allows you to use most public libraries within the state of Illinois.

Access to Records

Bloomingdale Public Library respects patrons' privacy rights. Circulation records are recognized as confidential. Access to a patron's own record may be obtained by telephone or online if the patron supplies his/her library card number.

A Bloomingdale Library cardholder who wishes to check out library materials, but has forgotten his/her library card, may ask staff to charge items to the card by presenting a current photo ID. A reciprocal borrower, however, must present their home library card to check out materials; a photo ID will not be accepted in this instance.

The library card of a child has the same confidentiality protection under library policy as that of any other patrons with the following exceptions:

Minors under the age of 13
The Bloomingdale Public Library recognizes that parents or legal guardians who have signed their minor child's library card application have assumed the financial responsibility for materials charged to their children's cards. Therefore, parents or legal guardians who have signed for the child's card and are designated as the "care of" party in the child's record are permitted access to the records of their minor children under the age of 13. The designated parent/legal guardian must present the child's library card, and/or provide other acceptable identification. In the case of telephone inquiries, library card number and verification of the child's address, telephone number, and date of birth are required.

Minors between the ages of 13-18
Parents or legal guardians of minor children ages 13 - 18 are permitted to know only the number of items (not titles, authors, or subjects) charged out on their child's library card as long as they have signed for the child's card, and are designated as the "care of" party in the minor's record. If the parent is not the designated "care of" party, the child must accompany the parent/legal guardian to the Library and grant permission for access. The parent/guardian must provide the child's library card number and/or provide other acceptable identification. In the case of telephone inquiries, library card number and verification of the child's address, telephone number, and date of birth are required.

Borrowing Materials

Bloomingdale Public Library has over 130,000 items in our collection. Our print collection includes books, newspapers, and magazines. We have an extensive collection of feature films, informational DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, and games. A wide collection of downloadable eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eVideos for use on your personal computer or media device are also available. In addition, Bloomingdale Public Library offers equipment for rental including MP3 players, assistive devices, Roku streaming players, and more.

Most items can be checked out and many circulate for three weeks. Some high demand items such as CDs, feature films, video games, and magazines circulate for a shorter period. For a full list, see our

Loan Periods, Check-out Limits, and Fines Chart.

If you're unable to return an item on time, you may renew it. Items may be renewed in person at the Circulation desk, by calling the Circulation Department, or online through the library's catalog. Patrons need to provide their library card number when renewing items. If an item has holds, renewals are not accepted.

Hold Notifications

If an item isn't available, patrons can place holds on most items. Patrons are notified when the items become available.

Patrons have several options for receiving hold notices for library materials:

  • Printed notices mailed to the patron's address on file
  • Email notification to the email address on file
  • Text messaging

Additionally, patrons will receive phone calls for 24 hour holds on new release DVDs and eReader devices.

Picking up Items on Hold

As a convenience to our patrons, Bloomingdale Public Library allows patrons to pick up items for other patrons. The patron picking up an item must have the library card of the patron whose hold they are picking up OR the hold notice generated by the library, either in print or electronic format.

Additionally, a patron may give written consent on the library card registration form, allowing up to 2 registered library cardholders to pick up items on hold.

Computer Access for Bloomingdale Library Cardholders

Bloomingdale Public Library cardholders are granted access to the library's computer labs at no cost. Depending on age and parental permission, minors may use either the adult or youth services computer lab. Access will be valid until the expiration of the library card.

Non-residents must purchase a computer access card to use the computer labs. This card is valid for 3 years from the month of purchase. Once the card expires, the non-resident must pay the fee for another 3 years. Minors under 18 can purchase a card with a parent/legal guardian present. They may then use the card without the guardian present.

Responsibilities as a Library Cardholder

Cardholders are responsible for all materials borrowed with their library cards. Materials should be returned on time and in good condition. If materials are overdue, a fine will be assessed. If library materals are damaged or lost, patrons are expected to pay the cost of the materials plus a processing fee. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately.

Non-Resident Cardholders

Individuals who reside outside of the jurisdictional boundaries of the Bloomingdale Public Library (i.e. Glendale Heights, Roselle, Addison, etc.), and whose local library participates in the Illinois Intersystem Reciprocal Borrowing Covenant are eligible to register their public library card at the Bloomingdale Public Library. These individuals must present a valid public library card and be in good standing at their home library. These individuals will be referred to as Reciprocal Borrower Patron or (RBP). RBPs are restricted from checking out certain item types at the Bloomingdale Public Library, including new DVDs, HotPick books and DVDs, and downloadable eBooks and audiobooks. Please see a circulation staff member for more information about these restrictions.

Please note: At the time of first usage, a reciprocal borrower must present their current valid library card and acceptable photo identification showing the borrower's current address and must complete a Reciprocal Borrowers Registration (RBP) Form at the Bloomingdale Public Library. The patron must be in good standing at their home library. RBP library cards will be registered in the Bloomingdale Library system for a length of one year or the expiration date at their home library, whichever is sooner. Upon expiration of the RPB card in the Bloomingdale Public Library database, the RBP patron must fill out a registration form to continue borrowing materials from the Bloomingdale Public Library.

Non-Resident Taxpayers

A non-resident who as an individual, or as a partner, principal stockholder, or other joint owner owns taxable property located within the Village of Bloomingdale, or who is a senior administrative officer of a firm, business, or other corporation owning taxable property within the Village, may acquire a Bloomingdale Library card. Upon presenting the most recent tax bill for that taxable property and completing the non-resident taxpayer form, one non-resident library card will be issued for each such parcel of taxable property without additional payment. The card is valid for one year and may be renewed by repeating these procedures. This provision also applies to any residential institution (a nursing home, group home, or long-term care facility for either children or adults) located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Bloomingdale Public Library. Any school, business, commercial enterprise, or residential institution located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Library may enter into a contract with the Library for additional library cards under terms to be agreed upon. Please see a circulation supervisor for the required paperwork.

Where to Use Your Card

The Bloomingdale Public Library is a participating member of the Library Integrated Network Consortium or LINC. Bloomingdale Public Library shares a library catalog with the following public libraries:

  • Batavia Public Library
  • Bloomingdale Public Library
  • Geneva Public Library District
  • Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • Itasca Community Library
  • St. Charles Public Library
  • Villa Park Public Library
  • West Chicago Public Library District

In addition to borrowing materials from the LINC libraries, Bloomingdale Public Library (BPL) cardholders may register their BPL card at most local public libraries that participate in the Illinois Intersystem Reciprocal Borrowing Covenant.