Rooms at the Library

Study Rooms (Free to Use)

The library has 2 study rooms available for reservation:

  • 1 Group Study Room (8 people max)
  • 1 Quiet Study Room (2 people max, no talking)

To reserve a study room, visit the Adult Reference Desk or call 630-924-2730. Study room reservations are not available online.

  • Study rooms can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Advanced reservations can be booked for 2 hours max per day.
  • If no one else is waiting to use the room, room use can be extended up to 4 hours max per day.
  • Rooms held for 15 minutes for reservations.
  • Open to all patrons in high school and older (not restricted to Bloomingdale cardholders) and free to use​.
  • If there are no advanced registrations, rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.​

Meeting Rooms (Booking Fee and Application Required)

The library has 3 meeting rooms and 1 Conference Room available for reservation to local groups. A fee and application are required to book a meeting room.

  • Room A (40 people max)
  • Room B (40 people max)
  • Room C (25 people max)
  • Rooms A/B (80 people max)
  • Conference Room (10 people max)

To reserve a meeting room, visit the Business Office or reserve a meeting room online.

  • Meeting rooms can be booked by non-profit organizations and organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, civic, or charitable activities.
  • Meetings must be open to the public and at least one or more members of the group/organization must be Bloomingdale residents.
  • Meeting rooms cannot be booked by commercial groups or for social or private functions. A meeting is defined as commercial if the purpose of the meeting is to advertise, promote, or sell a product or service; train and motivate employees; or for all other business-related functions such as market research, interviewing applicants, etc.
  • Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of a group’s policies or beliefs. The Library Board and Library Director reserve the right to deny permission to use the meeting rooms.
  • Meeting Room Policies and Regulations