Stratford Squares for Lifelong Learning

In 1999, the Bloomingdale Public Library collaborated with Stratford Square Mall on the "Stratford Squares for Lifelong Learning" tile wall. This project involved residents creating hand-painted tiles as a fundraiser for a new library computer lab. The tiles were installed near the mall's food court and became a part of Bloomingdale's history.

Tile Wall Photos

Short Wall - next to the Food Court with title tiles (full photo at top of this webpage)
Close-up photos, left to right:
Columns 1-5
Columns 6-10
Columns 11-16
Columns 17-21
Columns 22-25
Columns 26-30

Long Wall - down hallway between Kohl's and the Food Court (full photo below)
Close-up photos, left to right:
Columns 1-11
Columns 12-22
Columns 23-33
Columns 34-44
Columns 45-53


For questions, contact the library at 630-529-3120 or email